Saturday, 23 June 2012

Give us 5000 naira or your jeep sinks

the jeep isnt so invincible after all.this jeep was trapped along iyana iba road lagos badagry express way.the local touts known as agberos demanded for 5000 naira before they help the owner lift it out of water

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

farewell to my mentor


With tears and not much assurance of what the future would hold, I write this, knowing full well that she won’t see this.

Those 48 hours at CAMPUS LIFE WORKSHOP, were the most enchanting 48 hours of my life. Meeting different achievers and learning from them; but one person stood out. One person amazed me. You did Aunty. You gave more ego to the female gender, you insipired and brought out that artistic intelligence. I’ve only known you for a few hours, but those few hours were the most educative, challenging and inspiring few hours of my life .Aunty, the time has stilled for you, and we can only hope that God does justice to you as already you’ve been denied that. You are young, intelligent. and a mother to all of us. With my eyes overflowing I can only think of one thing, why us? Life is so unfair .In my heart of hearts I know that Nigeria has lost a gem. Death cheated us he took you from us. In my rage, I realize that I am helpless, and that adds more to my already devastating spirit. Some might see this write up as poorly arraigned what they don’t know is that it is heartfelt. A child knowing her mother won’t be there any longer, to scold, to laugh, educate, inspire, mentor us .And so I’m wondering, why exactly are we involved in a race ,because as far as I’m concerned, we do not have a say in when the race would come to an end.

There is one thing though, what determines a fulfilled life is not how you live on this vain and hopeless earth, what matters is the amount of people you are able to touch. Judging from the amount of people you’ve touched, I’m thinking we can allow ourselves the luxury of a little smile.

Death believes it has victory over us by doing this .What he has failed to realize is that we are also victorious, he can take you from us, but your memory, your good deeds, your good name lives on forever.

Journey well aunty,I won’t cry again and give the death the chance to mock me, because your good  lives on in me. Let Nigeria and the world at large bear in mind that an irreplaceable gem as been lost.

Monday, 7 May 2012


.............................AND FINALLY IT IS HERE!   :DD